Why Vivato

Implementation Benefits

Vivato's technology is completely agnostic to your Wi-Fi architecture model. We believe in best of breed deployments, and consider our switches to be the best distribution component. The rest of network technology becomes your choice.


Our switches are your last mile wireless deployment. You select the other technological components (backhaul, routers, etc.) from any number of the best wireless technology companies today.


While our switches come native with security, your router likely provides the security solution you are comfortable deploying.

Plug and Play

Vivato's panels are instant-on, requiring nothing more than a power supply, backhaul and an IP address.

Your Backhaul

WiMAX, Ethernet, Fiber or Satellite, you choose.

Direct to End User

Vivato requires no CPE or additional in-the-field technology to reach the end user.

Future Proof Your Infrastructure Investment

Your network needs may evolve, but Vivato's switches will always be capable of delivering strong Wi-Fi performance that can be easily enhanced by future backend equipment.


30x the coverage when compared to distributed mesh Wi-Fi access points.


Vivato carrier-class Wi-Fi switches listen louder and transmit stronger than any other commercially available product, which translates to 10x the range of conventional access points.

A single Vivato deployment of 4 panels will cover 4 square miles.