Why Vivato

10 Reasons

1. 2+ mile range

Vivato base stations reach over 2 miles. That's a lot of coverage for a small price.

2. No CPE

Vivato broadcasts directly to the end user device (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc); that means no CPE to deploy or maintain. If a user can "see" a Vivato network, they are on.

3. We're very affordable

Deploying, managing and maintaining large wireless networks are a financial drain to any wireless carrier. Vivato's superior coverage greatly reduces the amount of wireless access points required, which results in huge deployment and operational savings to carriers and operators. Simply put, less APs means less to manage, less to deploy, and less to buy.

4. Hot Zones in lieu of Hot Spots

By extending the range of Wi-Fi connections from a few hundred feet "Hot Spots" to several thousand feet "Hot Zones", service providers can easily manage and deploy large wireless networks, delivering a superior communication experience to end users at a significantly lower cost.

5. Proven Technology

Vivato has been deploying Wi-Fi solution products for years, with over 400 deployments globally. We have hundreds of installs across the US, many which have been operational for 7 years, that speak to the viability of the technology.

6. Significant IP

With more than 12 patents, Vivato pioneered beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology. This is the antenna that all other antennas are measured against.

7. Innovation

Thanks to a rich $100M patented portfolio, Vivato Technologies is leveraging its IP and knowledge base to release new carrier-class Wi-Fi products that simplify and reduce the cost of deploying wireless networks. The result, more connectivity options in more places.

8. 802.11

Vivato switches rely on the most ubiquitous and widely distributed technology for wireless connectivity available on hundreds of millions of mobile devices globally. That means everyone can connect to a Vivato panel effortlessly.

9. Less to Manage

When you have less technology in the field, you have less to manage, less points of failure and an accelerated ROI on your infrastructure investment.

10. Modularity

You are not required to buy only from Vivato. We ascribe to a "best of breed" deployment mentality, where Vivato takes center stage for Wi-Fi access, but other technologies can lead the way for backhaul, routing and management.

+1. Corporate Leadership

Vivato Technologies is comprised of leading industry veterans in wireless engineering, manufacturing and deployment. Our technology, service and operational integrity are a direct reflection of that experience.

A single Vivato deployment of 4 panels will cover 4 square miles.