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Warehouse / Big Box Retail

One Access Point for your Warehouse or Large Retail Environment. Does it get any easier?

Warehouses and large retail environments were often considered impossible for wireless deployment, requiring numerous access points and repeaters due to the configuration of spaces, what they contain and ever changing environmental conditions. That no longer has to be the case.

There is simply no better alternative for warehouse environments than Vivato's Carrier-Class Wi-Fi base stations. With our patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology, Vivato base stations broadcast the longest and loudest signal to blanket your warehouse with fast, reliable Wi-Fi. This is the antenna that all other antennas are measured against.

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Industry leading antenna technology that minimizes interference from obstacles and other harsh environmental conditions
  • NEMA 4 enclosures and built in heaters that ensure even non-climate controlled warehouses are covered
  • The lowest CAPEX in the business for large space Wi-Fi
  • Instant-on deployments that mean all you have to do is mount, connect and power up


VT 2210 Datasheet

VT 2200 Datasheet

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