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Marine terminals, characterized by open areas as large as 40 square miles and expensive logistics equipment, are beginning to upgrade their technology to provide more real-time, remote instructions for machine operators, thus expediting container logistics and providing better, more secure, container tracking. Unfortunately, in the typical scenario of a marine terminal, large, relatively open, spaces are strewn with trucks, container stacks and cranes that all pose significant barriers to extended range Wi-Fi coverage. Simply running wire in these expansive areas can become costly, and the site survey, installation, management, security, and maintenance all present formidable expenditures. Weather also stands as an obstacle to ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage, as conditions in a marine terminal are highly variable with wind, rain, and fog not untypical.

Now Vivato's Carrier-Class, extended range Wi-Fi switches enable terminals and ports to replace slow and limited narrowband wireless coverage with dependable and affordable 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connectivity. At a fraction of the cost, one or more weatherized Vivato VT2210 Outdoor Wi-Fi base stations can supplant a distributed Wi-Fi network's "sea of access points" required to cover the same area. Housed in a NEMA 4 protective enclosure, a single Vivato base station broadcasts for miles instead of feet and can be commissioned within minutes.

Even with the dynamic landscape of a terminal and its constantly shifting cargo container configurations, Vivato base stations can provide signal in the most challenging locations, such as narrow corridors created by containers. Utilizing patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steeringª technology, Wi-Fi signals from Vivato base stations are capable of reflecting off metal containers and actually adapting to highly reflective environments. By using a phased array antenna instead of an omni-directional antenna, the Vivato VT2210 Outdoor Base Station sends out more defined signals and can easily adapt and communicate efficiently in obstructed environments; all resulting in increased range and performance.

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Extended range Wi-Fi base stations distinguished by a 10X+ improvement in distance, throughput, range and noise floor abatement
  • Wi-Fi transmissions over miles instead of feet; a simple deployment of 4 switches will cover over 7 square miles.
  • High gain antennas delivering high reliability and throughput for clients near and far. An impressive 23 dBi gain increases the bi-directional throughput of data, which is critical for the vast distances encountered at marine terminals.
  • A phased array antenna design creating highly directed, narrow beam transmissions of Wi-Fi that can actually adapt better in environments facing multi-path client device transmission issues than a traditional multi-access point deployment
  • Base stations that can stand up to the harshest marine environments, with NEMA-4 rated enclosures providing is dust and moisture proof protection and temperature control.
  • Flexibly deployment to meet the needs of any environment requiring Wi-Fi connectivity — thus providing even the largest, most complex, and bustling marine terminals with connectivity, productivity, and safety.


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