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Proven Leader in Providing Mobile and Immediate Extended Range Wi-Fi Coverage

Mobile Wi-Fi deployment provides significant value to emergency response situations, particularly networks that can be deployed quickly and can communicate directly with multiple types of client devices not requiring specialty CPE equipment.. In any military or emergency response situation, the ultimate objective of a wireless communications network is to deliver timely intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information necessary to achieve situational awareness by tactical and strategic decision makers throughout the chain of command. Often times there are multiple responding agencies that need access to the same information, making the need for ubiquitous coverage important. Providing seamless wireless network coverage over the entire situational area is highly critical to the efficiency of an operation, but mobile networks are often limited by complexity of install and range

Vivato's Carrier-Class Wi-Fi base stations provide superior extended range coverage and instant-on setup to ensure that wireless networks in military, government and law enforcement applications are both effective and easy to deploy. Vivato produces the industries leading carrier-class extended range Wi-Fi access points, creating wireless coverage areas for miles instead of feet with up to 54Mbps of continuous data throughput.

Equipped with easily deployable Vivato base stations, any agency has the ability to quickly and efficiently create a far-reaching Wi-Fi network within minutes. Just one Vivato base station mounted on a retracting pole, nearby rooftop or hillside can provide blanket coverage for over three miles. GeoWireless, an emergency response service provider, utilizes Vivato's industry leading technology in its Emergency Responder Communications Vehicle. The vehicle houses various backhaul network equipment, including satellite up link, and is equipped with a Vivato base station mounted on a retractable boom. Within minutes of arriving on the scene of a disaster, GeoWireless can establish a Vivato enhanced carrier-class Wi-Fi network that reaches several miles from its location to provide unparalleled support to ground teams.

Vivato has also been deployed in numerous military installations, including Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, and Dugway Proving Grounds. Vivato's industry leading Wi-Fi technology was the subject of a report from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA and was heralded as the most significant Wi-Fi technology to date during a joint task force field proving exercise.

"We have used a different Wi-Fi technology each year during three previous evolutions of the COASTS Experimentation Program, all with limited and sometimes abysmal success. We have accomplished more in two weeks of testing with the Vivato antenna technology than we have in the previous three years combined."
— Senior Network Engineer, COASTS Networking Steering Committee Lead

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Coverage area of several square miles that can be established with one access point through a base station equipped with Vivato's patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology
  • Base stations that can stand up to the harshest environments, with NEMA 4 rated enclosures providing temperature control and dust and moisture proof protection
  • Access points that can act as simple bridges, allowing for rapid deployment and integration into any network architecture as well as personalized security
  • Easy integration into any security system, allowing for top level security
  • Standard Wi-Fi protocol adherence, offering easy communication with any Wi-Fi capable client device
  • $100M patent portfolio supported technology and IP development

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