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Simply Superior, Less Expensive Wi-Fi.

Wireless is a given neccesity for hotels and resorts, but current deployment strategies vary, ranging from individual wireless routers for every room to smaller access points disbursed throughout a property. Regardless of the model, multiple access points mean multiple potential failure points and corresponding IT nightmares. All it takes is for one or two APs to go down and the entire system is down.

For hotels that are revisiting their current wireless systems or are installing new wireless, nothing bests Vivato's Carrier-Class Wi-Fi switches for more reliable service at the lowest TCO. In most instances we can reduce AP count by over 90%, dramatically reducing new installs as well as virtually eliminating ongoing expenditures for maintenance and guest IT support. Gone are the days of numerous components, installation points and supplementary equipment. In many instances, one or two Vivato base stations are all that is required to provide an entire property with high speed Wi-Fi access for not only rooms but common areas and guest and banquet facilities as well.

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Easy installation and configuration requiring little more than a mounting site, power and backhaul connection
  • Seamless access point integration with your existing architecture: As long as you have a backhaul connection, Vivato Wi-Fi is ready to go
  • Patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology working together to fill coverage gaps and mitigate noise floor concerns
  • TCO that cannot be beat: Fewer access points with greater range means less CAPEX today and OPEX tomorrow.


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