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The Most Dependable and Trusted Extended Range Wi-Fi Solution

Government agencies have begun implementing Wi-Fi networks for a variety of applications ranging from traffic and security cameras to parking meter systems, gunfire detection and first-responder communications. The problem is that the limited range of existing Wi-Fi transmissions requires hundreds of access points to be deployed and maintained, and the failure of just a few nodes could wipe out communications to an entire section of the city. Risking intermittent coverage gaps is a sizeable gamble when dealing with crucial matters like public security and safety.

Just one or two Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi switches can provide coverage equivalent to dozens of Wi-Fi mesh access points, and our proprietary technology (patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology) creates a network of unmatched strength with minimal gaps in coverage. A single deployment of four Vivato carrier-class Wi-Fi switches provides dependable wireless connectivity for over seven square miles.

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Dramatic reduction in CAPEX today and OPEX tomorrow: With 10X+ the range and 10X+ the coverage, the cost of deployment and ownership is well below that of a multiple access point distributed network
  • The antenna that all other antennas are measured against: Our high gain antenna, 23 dBi, delivers high reliability and throughput for clients near and far by increasing the bi-directional throughput of data, which is critical for the vast distances encountered in an urban environment
  • Phased-array antenna design with highly directed, narrow beam transmissions of Wi-Fi that can actually adapt better in dynamic environments than a traditional access point deployment
  • Base stations that can stand up to the harshest marine environments, with NEMA-4 rated enclosures providing temperature control and dust and moisture proof protection
  • Flexible deployment to meet the needs of any environment requiring Wi-Fi connectivity

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