Cable MSO

Cable MSO

Quadruple-play: Happier Customers and Increased Revenue with Carrier-Class Wi-Fi.

Cost effective and rapid deployment of quadruple-play services is becoming a clear business advantage for MSOs, especially when you take into consideration the revenue line item of adding regional mobile wireless access. Only one problem, the cost to deploy ubiquitous Wi-Fi service for a regional market is significant, resulting in tens of thousands of access points to deploy, network and maintain. What if the individually deployed access point count could be reduced by a factor of 10X? How would that affect your CAPEX and OPEX, let alone your time to market strategy?

Vivato is the de facto leader in enabling faster time to revenue. With our carrier-class, coax-fiber ready Wi-Fi switches, MSO's can now cover significantly larger areas with far fewer access points. Quite simply, less APs means dramatic reductions in initial and ongoing expenditures. Vivato's advanced technology switches, supported by a $100M patented portfolio, provide MSOs with affordable extended range Wi-Fi coverage that offers end users stronger and more reliable signals, faster download/upload times, and easy integration with client devices.

Vivato Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions offer:

  • Commercial grade Wi-Fi with 10X the coverage, the range, the distance, the clients, and the savings
  • The industry's premier Wi-Fi base station utilizing patented beamforming phased array antenna design and Packet Steering™ technology to deliver throughput up to 3 miles
  • Fewer truck-rolls: fewer access points mean fewer truck rolls for both installation and maintenance
  • Multi-service and discrete service WLANs on a single AP, separate security, remote management and control, priority and usage tracking, and multi-tier administration


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