Wi-Fi/802.11 has become the ubiquitous wireless connection to the Internet and is now integrated into hundreds of millions of mobile devices globally. Vivato Technologies was founded to leverage the technology and IP (12+ patents) of a $100M venture backed company (Vivato Inc.) to service the growing demand for bandwidth generated by these devices through the deployment of "Carrier-Class" Wi-Fi capable of delivering wireless connectivity directly to end users at distances covering miles instead of feet.

Vivato's patented wireless base stations integrate beamforming phased array antenna design with Packet Steering™ technology to deliver high bandwidth extended range managed point-to-point connections direct to the end user. By extending the range of Wi-Fi connections from a few hundred feet "Hot Spots" to several thousand feet "Hot Zones", service providers can easily deploy, manage, and maintain extended range wireless networks to deliver a superior communication experience to end users at a significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX cost.

What if your Wi-Fi nodes reached miles instead of feet?